Revealing the Mechanics Behind the Electronic Voter Fraud 

The following remarks are quick notes from the video:

Russell Ramsland Jr. reveals the mechanics behind the electronic voter fraud operation in an interview with L Todd Wood

NGP Van - does voter analytics for the Democrats, they were only supposed to export information for tabulating votes; they we're importing data!

ES & S, Clarity/AWS (Amazon), Scytle and individuals were able to hack in and make changes in favor of the Dems.

They all were controlling and interacting with ballot stream.

The damn server is in Frankfort Germany, a 3rd party company we know nothing about.

The malware, Qsnatch, can log into any county and remove files and send back to be re-entered, they also can control litigation. Only a full factory reset can remove Qsnatch from the software.

Our President was ahead in all swing states when all counting ceased for 3 hrs. When they came back online, all numbers switched in favor of Biden.

Kentucky findings, Scytle.com took over the system going into the server in Germany.

Andy Beshear (D)  vs Matt Bevin (R) votes ahead - in a split second, 567 votes were stolen from Rep Bevin and given to Dem Beshear; 25% of the votes switched in the system right before our eyes; we didn't see it because the the camera shifted to the Fake News commentators!

57,000 votes were stolen early in the counting from one swing state, and in Houston 250K votes switched. In Virginia 500K votes stolen

  • Polls were not requesting voter ID's
  • Duplicate ballots
  • Many single person addresses had 5 ballots
  • Many phantom ballots
  • People went to vote & discovered someone voted in their place
  • A record number of deceased voted throughout the US; some dead for 10 +yrs, and some over 120 yrs old

Trump was ahead in Michigan then all of the sudden counting stopped for 3 hours, when they came back online, Biden received every single vote; not even one vote for any other candidate.  In this particular situation, the local operator had to add the votes in, no other possibilities.

Then Biden appeared to be ahead in all the states Trump was winning.

There is no doubt, the entire election was shamelessly rigged by the Democratic Party!

Why are we even talking about a fair & honest recount or trying to take this to the Supreme Court?

With all the hard evidence, videos, testimonials, from all these states, shouldn't Trump win by default?

The Dems have committed felony, and everyone involved in the voter fraud.  Will they be held accountable?

This isn't evidence, it's proof!

This looks very promising for Trump, by all rights this should be a definite win!

It's time to rally!

Keep pressing forward, peacefully and powerfully.

We are Gods messengers.

Let's keep up the fight for our President and our nation under God.

Please help our President in anyway possible:

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